Letter to Mayor Reed

by Terry Horgan,
BPNA President

The following letter was sent to Mayor Reed in response to a request by Councilwoman Yolanda Adrean for input for Atlanta's Comprehensive Development Plan. Councilwoman Adrean says that developing a park at the Water Works is something that can be discussed at the next BPNA meeting. See below for Terry Horgan's letter to Mayor Reed.

February 3, 2011

Kasim Reed
City of Atlanta
55 Trinity Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Reed,

I am writing as the new President of the Berkeley Park Neighborhood Association, in support of the development of the Waterworks reservoir bound by Northside Dr., 17 th Street, Howell Mill, & Trabert for a Public Park. With the planning for the new 2011 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) underway now we felt it was timely to bring this to your attention. There seems to be no evidence that Berkeley Park ever had a Park, yet the history of the Water Works Facility boasts about their original intent to provide open greenspace and a Summer Pavilion to attract people from all parts of the US. I would like to work with the Department of Watershed Management, neighboring Developers, Parks Atlanta, etc. to preserve that rich history, to inject an optimistic spirit for the city and promote economic growth during a very difficult economy. This site is at a very high elevation that not only makes it very visable which minimizes crime but could also prove to be useful in adding sustainable features such as wind and/or solar energy. I feel this project could be quickly executed, and with minimal expense.

My husband and I were married at the Water Works Lodge and our kids have grown up admiring the skyline views, the beautiful sunsets, the migration of geese and the rolling hills the Waterworks site affords. We have always wished the public could enjoy the space that is now behind fences. During our 18 years here we have become very active in our community encouraging smart growth in this area. The development that has occurred with underutilized industrial sites during this time has improved the quality of life and property values for all of Atlanta. I am thrilled with the Brownfield development of Atlantic Station, the growth of Georgia Tech with its residential developments, the West Side Urban Design District, now the Beltline which could all benefit from this type of project.

I am serving on the Beltline Subarea 8 Planning Committee and am confident the transportation improvements it offers will be a necessity with the future growth of Atlanta. I am a huge advocate of the Emerald Necklace of Parks the Beltline hopes to create, and with our area the most under-parked in Atlanta, I would like to see the City consider a “Waterworks Park”. Regardless of the Beltline alignment decision, a Waterworks Park could become a pivotal focal point and amenity for the City. This could also be an opportunity to design a multi-functional space similar to the Bellwood Quarry or Old Fourth Ward Parks. During my 30 years in Atlanta I have been involved with Central Atlanta Progress and seen the how hard the City has worked to bring more residential vitality to the Downtown District. This would be the vote of confidence Atlantans need to continue this trend. Therefore I would like to request that the City take whatever action is necessary to expedite this project. I am available at your convenience to discuss this further.


Terry Horgan
Berkeley Park Neighborhood Association


George Dusenbury, Commissioner of Parks

John Schaffner, Reporter Newspapers

Brian Leary, Atlanta Beltline, Inc

Dexter White, Commissioner of Department of Watershed Management

Yolanda Adrian, District 8 Atlanta City Council